5 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Pet Memories

We eagerly anticipate outings with our pets, include them in special occasions, and celebrate their birthdays. These memories are precious and deserve to be well-documented. Here are some quick and easy tips on bringing your furry friend's photos to the next level! 

1. Lighting 

Every inch of your pup's beautiful face ought to be well-captured, and a camera cannot catch what it cannot see. Look for places with soft lighting, such as a shady spot on a sunny day, lighting on a cloudy day, or sunlight filtered through a white curtain.

Noodles in direct light
Noodles in diffused light; her features are softened and the individual strands of fur can be seen more clearly instead of being blown out by the harsh light.

2. Background

Interesting backgrounds can add texture and colour to your photos, while simple ones make sure your pup stands out! 

Dog Cake Singapore
Background that complements the colour of the cake and contrasts with Petra's colour, allowing her to stand out
(image credit: Petra
featured: Personal Cake)
This simple backdrop makes sure that all eyes are on Gracey and her biscuit!
(image credit: Gracey

3. Props

If your pup is happy to allow it, props can add more fun to the photo!

Corgi unicorn cake singapore
Cotton the Corgi gets matchy with his Unicorn Cake!
(image credit: Cotton
custom dog cake singapore
Sam, Pecan, and Pippin feel the party mood with their customized party hats!
(image credit: Sam Forest

4. Action Shots 

Pups will be pups, and they are immensely curious. Let that beautiful quality shine through in their photos. 

Tiny Mia tried so hard to get closer to her cake and that look of determination in her eyes is adorable!
(image credit: Mia's mommy, Susan
featured: Personal Cake)
dog biscuit singapore
Catch that first lick before the rest of the goodies you prepared for your pup are gobbled up!
(image credit: Truffles
dog cake singapore
You wanted a pic of the cake, Mom & Dad? Oops...
(image credit: Bijou
featured: the meaty goodness inside our cakes!)

5. Have fun! 

Regardless of how the photos turn out, the most important things are the memories created. We hope you have fun trying out some of these tips, and would love to see your gorgeous photos! Do you have more tips to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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