9 Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs and Dog-lovers

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we've scoured the net for the best pressies you can gift your furry and fur-less friends! Don't forget a little something for yourself ;)



1. A spiffy new red, glittery name tag from Red Dingo


2. The sweetest lead we've ever seen, from Ginger and Bear

3. A new collar to go with your pup's new lead, from Love Thy Beast

4. We bet Gretchen Weiners would looove to see this totally fetch sweatshirt on a dachshund! Geddit? Hehe. From Bow and Drape, it even comes in matching sets for the hu-moms if that's up your alley.

5. How about a new Cozie from Kong to join your pup's plushie family? 

6. Or a durable and easy-to-clean interactive toy from our Barking Good shelves to keep your dog mindfully fed?

7. This feeding bowl from HipVan looks cute and encourages good eating habits, we like it! 


8. Get your friends this Gemma Correll pencil case from Ginger and Bear to remind them, on a daily basis, just how much you like them

9. Or this Delicate Paw Necklace, to keep a little reminder of your favorite furpal's love with you all day 



Bonus: We found this adorable matching collar and brooch set from Alfie de Meow for the neko lovers! Plus, 10% of their merchandise sales goes to charity organization, CATSI :) what's not to love?

PS Enter code BGLOVESYOU between 8 February 2016 and 10 February 2016 to get 14% off all soft treats! :) 

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