Brushstrokes Cake (Cat)

Brushstrokes Cake (Cat)

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This is the main color of the cake
This is the color that will have 1 light shade + 1 dark shade
Choose a contrasting/complementary colour! :)
e.g., Oreo is 12!
A work of art, to celebrate your cat.

Choice of meat (beef/chicken/salmon)
Potato (depending on color selected)

Q: How big is the cake?

Q: How big is the cake? 
A: The 500g option is approximately 6" across and 1.2" tall. 
The 1kg is approximately 6" across and 3.5" tall. 

Q: What pretty colours! How are they achieved?
A: No artificial colouring is used for our cake frostings (or any of our products, for that matter) - all colour is achieved through fruit/vegetable colouring. 
Q: We're celebrating a birthday. Can we get wordings on the cake and candles to go with it?
A: Of course! Kindly indicate the wordings that you would like to be written on the cake in the text box provided above, as well as the birthday cat's age.