Bundle of Hope
Bundle of Hope
Bundle of Hope
Bundle of Hope

Bundle of Hope

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For the goodest girls and boys, the Bundle of Hope contains an explosion of goodies - it's perfect for gifting, stocking stuffers, and playtime around the Christmas tree!

Only 15 sets available.

All Bundles will be available for pick up from 2nd Dec 2019 to 24th Dec 2019.

What's in the bundle:

  • 2 sets of Three Tasty Pies, 400g (Worth $70-$90)
  • 1 Three Crunchy Cookies, 100g (Worth $14)
  • 1 Three Wise Birds, 90g (Worth $20)
  • 1 Christmas Tree Toy (Worth $11)
  • 1 Christmas Candy Cane Toy (Worth $11)

Save up to 20% on this bundle!

Q: What pretty colours! How are they achieved?
A: No artificial colouring is used for our  frostings - all colour is achieved through fruit/vegetable colouring. 
Q: How long can I keep the pies for?
A: The pies can be kept for up to 3 days refrigerated, or 2 weeks frozen.
Q: What are the Three Wise Birds?
A: The Three Wise Birds are three jars of Freeze Dried chicken, duck and turkey bites respectively. These Wise Birds are so rare that they are only available in this exclusive bundle!