Pancake Stack Cake
Pancake Stack Cake

Pancake Stack Cake

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Pupper been eyeing your soufflé pancakes? Here's their chance to get a stack of their own! 

Protein of choice

Q: What pretty colours! How are they achieved?
A: No artificial colouring is used for our cake frostings (or any of our products, for that matter) - all colour is achieved through fruit/vegetable colouring. 
Q: We're celebrating a birthday. Can we get wordings on the cake board and candles to go with it?
A: Of course! Kindly indicate the wordings that you would like to be written on the cake in the text box provided above, as well as the birthday cat or pup's age.
Q: How big is the cake?
A: The 800g cake comfortably caters for 10 - 14 portions for a cat or a small dog, or 3 - 6 portions for a large dog.

 The 1.2kg cake comfortably caters for 15 - 20 portions for a cat or a small dog, or 5 - 10 portions for a large dog. 

Q: How long can I keep the cake for?
A: The cake can be kept for up to 3 days, refrigerated or 2 months frozen.
Q: How should the cake be served?
A: It can be served chilled, or heated for a short while in the microwave or oven to excite your feline or pooch's nose even more! Be sure to take all the photos you want before heating up though, as the frosting may not hold up well after being heated.