Christmas Cookie Workshop
Christmas Cookie Workshop

Christmas Cookie Workshop

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For Cheddar & Apple only, 11 characters max, limited to 1 name per packet please

Wake your pup on Christmas morning with the scent of freshly baked cookies after attending our hands-on baking workshop! Don't forget to put on your elf hat and warm up your muscles, cause we'll also be baking for the pups at the shelter!

You will be bringing 2 batches of cookies home, and also helping to prepare cookies that will be donated to the shelter pups at SPCA Singapore. You'll also learn some basic troubleshooting skills, to help you and your pup continue this yummy journey back home! 

We are able to accommodate only 8 participants per time slot, gather your friends quickly and sign up together for some fun! 

Please select studio pickup & any random date and time on the checkout page.

17 November 2019
Pupkin Spice - pumpkin, egg, cheddar, cinnamon, oat flour
Cheesy Melts - beef, broccoli, cheddar, egg, rosemary, oat flour

24th November 2019
Grandma's Cookies - cranberry, egg, rolled oats, peanut butter
Cosy Up - chicken, cheddar, cranberry, egg, parsley, oat flour

15th December 2019
Pizza Party - cheddar, mozzarella, oat flour, basil
Christmas Ham - pork, coriander, applesauce, oat flour

22nd December 2019 
Reindeer Chow - apple, carrot, cinnamon, yoghurt, oat flour
Alaskan Bake - salmon, broccoli, oat flour, egg, dill


Expect to bring home:

  • 1x Complimentary small Cheddar & Apple with 1 dog’s name (worth $7.50)
  • Information sheets with baking tips & tricks, as well as 2 recipes
  • Approximately 200 - 300g of your own treats! 

Take note:

  • We love having your pups in the studio, however do not bring them to the session for hygiene purposes as we will be handling food. They are free to pop by at the end of the session to check out the goodies though! :)

Q: Do I need baking experience?
A: Absolutely not!

Q: I would like to take part, but my dog has allergies
A: Contact us please, so we can see if we are able to modify the recipe for your pup's needs.

Q: Can I mix the different recipes across workshops? 
A: Sorry, that is not an option!