Pink Dog Biscuits
Pink Dog Biscuits

Pink Dog Biscuits


Available from now till 1st July, Pink Dog is our little way of showing our support for our LGBT friends, the community in Singapore, and Pink Dot 2019!

We believe in the freedom to love 


Organic brown rice flour
Goat milk



Q: What pretty colours! How are they achieved?
A: No artificial colouring is used for any of our products; the pink you see on the Pink Dog biscuits are achieved with beet.
Q: Can I come up with my own phrase for the biscuits?
A: Yes, of course, we are more than happy to customize your biscuits! Simply key it into the textbox provided. If the customization field is left blank, the default wording will be "PINK DOG".


Q: How big are the regular and small sizes?
A: The regular size is approximately 100g in weight (24 pieces), the small is approximately 50g (12 pieces), and the large is approximately 200g (48 pieces).
Q: How long can I keep the biscuits?
A: They can be kept up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator. Refrigeration is necessary as we do not use any preservatives.
About Pink Dot 2019

Pink Dot is run by volunteers and funded by the contributions of supporters. The Pinkie Pin modelled by Noodles, along with other official Pink Dot merchandise, is available for purchase here, and proceeds go towards the event! 

Pink Dot 2019 will be held at Hong Lim Park on 29 June 2019, at 5pm. Find out more here!