Nina Ottosson® DogBrick Interactive Puzzle Toy
Nina Ottosson® DogBrick Interactive Puzzle Toy
Nina Ottosson® DogBrick Interactive Puzzle Toy

Nina Ottosson® DogBrick Interactive Puzzle Toy

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Hide treats or meals in the compartments, and watch as your dog looks for the treats by trying to pull the discs to the side with its paw or nose!

Using the DogBrick mimics searching for food, thus stimulating your dog's mind, and helping it build confidence. Also a great indoor game for bad weather, dogs with decreased mobility, or busy days when you need to keep your pup entertained!


Q: How do I vary the difficulty level of the toy?
A: By making simple adjustments to the toy, the DogBrick can be used with dogs who are at different learning levels.
Level 1: Use the DogBrick without the white stoppers. Help your dog get to the yummy treats within the toy by showing them how to move the sliding discs, or by only covering the treats halfway. Reward your dog with tons of praise when they get it right, to keep them happy and encouraged! 
Level 2: Place the stoppers in the bone-shaped hollows to add a layer of complexity to the game. You may have to show your dog how to paw or nose it away before the discs can be slid aside. A string can also be threaded through the stoppers to make it easier for your dog to lift them. 
Increase the level of difficulty gradually to keep your dog keen; they may get discouraged and frustrated if it's too tough to get the treats. 
Q: My dog is a genius! How can I keep him/her entertained longer?
A: Mix some of your dog's food/treats with water, fill the hollows with the mixture, and pop the toy in the freezer. Keeps your pup busy and entertained, and is also great on a hot day!
Q: How do I wash the toy after use?
A: It's easy to sanitise - chuck it into the dishwasher, or hand-wash with mild dishwashing liquid.
Q: I have a cat. Is this suitable for cats as well?
A: Yes! The DogBrick was designed with both dogs and cats in mind.
Usage of dog toys should be supervised at all times. Wash, dry, and store when not in use.