COVID-19 Updates

Update: 10 June 2021

Hello from Barking Good! In light of the new measures announced starting 14th June (Phase 3 Heightened Alert), please take note of the following:

  • We will continue to offer a reduced delivery fee of $10 for orders $60 and above as we would still like to strongly encourage our customers to opt for delivery where possible. Stay home and stay safe!
  • We will resume store pickups from 14 June onwards. If you previously placed an order between 14 May to 10 June 2021 for delivery and would like to change it to a pick up instead, please get in touch at 81293550 with your order number and preferred pickup slot. Our pickup slots run for 30 minutes and start from 11am on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 1pm on Monday and Thursdays. Please stick to the indicated pickup slot and let us know in advance if you need to change your pickup slot. We will process the delivery fee as a refund in the form of store credits, with no expiry date
  • Walk-ins will be on an appointment basis from 14 June onwards. Please call us at 81293550 at least one hour in advance to let us know you will be coming by. We reserve the right to refuse any walk-ins with no prior appointment, thank you for your understanding!

Thank you!


Update: 14 May 2021

Hello from Barking Good! In light of the new measures announced, please take note of the following:

  • Deliveries will continue as per usual - we currently offer a reduced delivery fee of $10 for orders $60 and above.
  • There will be no store pickups from 17 May to 13 June for new orders. Orders placed before 14 May for pickups during 17 May to 13 June will proceed as planned, but please stick to the indicated pick-up time.
  • We will not be accepting walk-ins from 17 May to 13 June. If you would like to drop by to pick up some ready made items, please call us in advance at 81293550. Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

Thank you!


Update: 31 May 2020.

Hello from Barking Good! We hope you and your families are well, and excited for Phase 1 to begin! In light of the new phase, here are some new policies regarding delivery and pickups.


Our retail store will be opened for pickups and appointments from 8 June onward. Please read through our new norms for pickups here:

  • Check in with SafeEntry when you visit our retail space!
  • Wear a mask, please. Non-mask users will strictly be denied entry!
  • Practice safe-distancing in store.
  • For self-collections, please come during your selected time slot so that we can crowd control.
  • Call ahead if you did not place a pre-order. We are open, but operating on a by-appointment only basis. We maintain the right to reject walk-in customers.


  • We will continue our $8 delivery option for orders $60 and above. We strongly urge you to opt for delivery if you can! For one, it reduces the number of people you (and we!) come in contact with. It also helps to support our driver's livelihood during this difficult time! 
  • Everything available for sale at our retail store is also available online, so you're really not missing out!


In effect only till 31 May 2020, see above for new updates.

Hello from Barking Good! We hope you and your families have been keeping safe in this trying time. In light of the new extended circuit breaker measures, please rest assured that we are allowed to continue baking for your pups and cats, as our operations are classified under Pet Supplies.(, point 11)

To help you better understand how we are striving to protect your families and ours, here are the changes we have made for this period:

1. Only two staff at work for this entire circuit breaker period; staff do not travel anywhere else except to and from work (via their own vehicles).

2. Switching to a smaller pool of trusted delivery drivers.

3. Daily log of staff's arrival and exit from workplace premises and temperature taking as per usual.

We are still taking orders as per usual, and have only been allowing deliveries since the 7th of April, in line with the recommended measures by the Government. Feel free to drop us a message at 81293550 if you have any other queries. Wishing you and your pups the best in the weeks ahead!

Other Information

Revised Delivery Charges
#StayTheBarkAtHome and have your noms delivered to you! While we cannot feasibly offer free delivery on all purchases as our deliveries are a) hand delivered, b) outsourced, c) picked up and delivered to your doorstep within two hours, we can pitch in during these difficult times by absorbing some of the delivery costs. From 7 April - 1 June, enjoy delivery at $8 for orders above $60. (Yes, even if you place your order within this time frame for the very far future, we will honour the $8 delivery)

Interactive Toys

It's normal to feel bored when we're all cooped up at home. Why not try getting an interactive toy for your pup? Just like us, dogs need mental stimulation everyday. We know a $59 price tag on a Nina Ottosson toy is difficult to swallow. To help you #staythebarkathome, we're offering a new promotion on our interactive toys here.

Quarantine Cakes
It's not fun to sit around and pout all day about having to #barkingstayathome. Spread a bit of humour and positivity with our Quarantine Cake Collection (inspired by Butter&). So far, we've come up with a mask and a toilet roll cake... more are in the works, feel free to keep the suggestions coming!

Step Into Spring

While we brace for the dark nights ahead, don't forget that spring is just a turn away. #staythebarkathome now, so you don't have to do it forever. Check out our new Spring Collection if you need a little pick me up. Plus, did we mention there's a cookie decorating kit if you're bored out of your mind? Our entire cake collection is also still available, because your furkid shouldn't have to miss out on cake just because of something silly we humans did.

Training Treats

This is also a good time to teach your furkids a new trick! Our training treats are deliberately small and bite sized, so you can continuously reward your pal without worrying about them gaining a pound. We've also taken into account your feedback about difficulties with storing our preservative free treats, so we've made freeze dried versions as well! Or, for the dogs and cats reading this, you could try using these to train your humans to #staythebarkathome too! Our human favourites are the Cheeseburger and the Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Come Hell or High Water

Unless we go into a full blown lockdown, we will continue to accept and fulfill orders. We started out as a humble home bakery, and we can still work in a apartment sized kitchen if we need to. Believe us when we say: It's the will, not the skill.We have sufficient reserves to see through this pandemic, thanks to your support. However, if you still feel wary about placing orders way in advance, our lead time will still be two days*, so hold on to your orders if you prefer. We will still be here.

 *Due to the surge in delivery demand, we may close selected slots earlier than two days as we are limiting out pool of delivery drives as well. Placing orders about 4-5 days in advance should be quite safe. Thank you for understanding!