Ready Made Cakes (Frozen)

These adorable frozen cakes are perfect whether an important date passed by unnoticed, or you're just looking for a little pick-me-up! They are available from our studio during our opening hours, or 24/7 from Group Therapy Coffee at Cross Street Exchange, a homegrown cafe with pet-friendly outdoor seating. Please note that payment at Group Therapy Coffee is cash only!

FAQ (please scroll down to the end for photos of the cakes)
Q: What are the ingredients in the cake?
A: We offer them in beef, pork or chicken options. The cake is made of 100% meat, to suit both cats' and dogs' palates, and frosted with potato. Colors are all naturally derived from plants and fruits, e.g., beetroot, bluepea, carob, turmeric, etc!

Q: How big are the cakes?
A: They are approximately 180g each.

Q: How much do they cost?
A: Each cake is $20 each, regardless of protein

Q: I am celebrating a birthday, can I get candles?
A: Yes, we provide candles at our studio! For the cakes from Group Therapy Coffee, each cake has already been individually packed with a star candle. :) 

Q: I am not headed home straightaway, can I still get this cake?
A: Please let us know at our studio, we will provide icepacks. The cakes at Group Therapy Coffee have been individually packed with an icepack as well. 

Q: How can I serve this cake, do I need to heat it up?
A: You can either let it thaw in the chiller overnight and serve straight from the fridge, or warm it up in the microwave/steam it. It has already been fully cooked. 

Q: How long can the cake last?
A: It can be kept up to 2 months from the date it was frozen, and has to be consumed within 2 days once defrosted. 

Q: Can my pup consume the cake at the cafe?
A: Yes, the kitchen is happy to assist with heating it up. Please do ensure that photos are taken before the cake is heated up! :)