2 for $15 Pupcakes [Pet Expo Special]

2 for $15 Pupcakes [Pet Expo Special]

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Please select any available date at the checkout page as we have closed orders sitewide from 12-14 April. We will follow the collection date indicated above instead :)

Good things come in pairs! Wondering if your pup will enjoy our cakes and pupcakes? Take the opportunity for a taste test at up to 30% off! 

This is a pre-order and will close on Sunday, 31st March, 2019, 11:59pm. Collection is available only at Pet Expo 2019. 

Meat of choice (chicken/pork/beef/salmon)
Sweet potato

Q: What meat options are available?
A: Chicken, pork, beef or salmon

Q: Can I mix the meat options?
A: Yes!

Q: How long can I keep the pupcakes?
A: Up to 3 days in the fridge, or 2 weeks in the freezer