Barking Botanicals
Barking Botanicals
Barking Botanicals

Barking Botanicals

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Pick yourself up a little desk buddy, and an edible version for pupper or kitty! 

Cake ingredients
Marshmallow root
Bee pollen 

Q: How big is the cake?
A: Each bundle comes with 1 cake, which is approximately 250g. It comfortably caters for 3-4 portions for a cat or a small dog or 1-2 portions for a large dog.

Q: Can I get a larger cake to go with the bundle?
A: Sorry, the cake size is fixed for this bundle!
Q: What are the differences between the Sprout, Shoot and Sapling bundles? 
A: There are different categories of plants in each bundle, and prices vary depending on the type of plant you've claimed! The cake size and design remains the same for all bundles.