Build-Your-Own-Stash (Freeze Dried)

Build-Your-Own-Stash (Freeze Dried)

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Running out of freezer space but don't want to compromise on fresh food for your pup? No worries, we got you covered! Mix and match our cooked, freeze-dried, single ingredient proteins and vegetables to create:

1. Easy meals,

2. Mix-ins for wet/dry food, or

3. Fragrant meal toppers!

Feed as-is, or add water/broth to re-hydrate the items! You can even re-heat the food in the microwave or oven for a stronger smelling meal if your furkid is a picky eater.

Our proteins are cut into small cubes and gently oven-baked at 90 degrees. 

Each set includes:

  • 3 x Protein Options (Each protein option contains 1kg of raw meat, which will weigh approximately 300g after cooking and freeze drying)
  • 2 x Vegetable Options (Each vegetable option weighs 300g of uncooked vegetables, which can range from approximately 50-100g after cooking and freeze drying)

In other words, we will be freeze drying a total of 3.6kg of uncooked meat and vegetables per set.

All items are packed into resealable stand up pouches for easy portioning. Store the items in a cool, dry place away from the sun and consume within 6 months once opened.