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Cheddar & Apple


These crunchy Cheddar & Apple Cookies smell absolutely divine! Customisable to include your dog's name, our bone-shaped treats are sure to get your pooch's stamp of approval! (Please indicate the name you would like imprinted in the text box provided above.)


Oat Flour 
Olive Oil

Macronutrient Information (per 100g):

 500 20g 26g 45.5g
kcal protein fat carbohydrates


Q: How long can the treats be kept for?
A: They can be kept for up to 4 weeks refrigerated.
Q: How big are the regular and small sizes?
A: The regular size is approximately 100g in weight (24 pieces), the small is approximately 50g (12 pieces), and the large is approximately 200g (48 pieces).
Q: How will the treats be packaged?
A: The treats are packed into a clear, food-grade plastic ziplock pouch and heat sealed to maintain maximum freshness. Visual reference: