[COSMIC CANDY] Ugly Pineapple (Spicy!)

[COSMIC CANDY] Ugly Pineapple (Spicy!)

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For humans only!

You know the pineapple snack, with dark soy sauce and chili padi? The damn shiok one. Yeah, this is it, freeze dried so it's sweet, salty, spicy and also crunchy. We tried hard to make it pretty, but have come to terms that it's just going to be the kind of snack that only has inner beauty. 

Dark soy sauce
Chili padi

Q: How much is there in a tub?
A: Each tub is 60g, approximately 50 pieces. 

Q: How long can I keep these? 
A: You can store them in a cool dry place for 1 month, and we recommend consumption within 1 week of opening for the best texture! Please keep in an airtight container. Beyond that, they are still yummy, but the texture may have softened a little.