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Easter, the only time of the year when it's safe to put all your eggs in one basket! 

Decorate your own Easter eggs for your pup; our Hatch kit comes with Easter Egg cookies that can be eaten as is, or decorated with the 5 color sachets included! 

Please note that the Hatch Kit does not come with the actual frosting ingredient. It will contain biscuits, 5 sachets of powdered natural colouring, piping bags, and instructions for you to create your own colored icing. 

Oat flour 

Olive oil

Beetroot (red)
Bluepea flower (blue) 
Turmeric (yellow)
Spirulina (green) 
Carob (brown)

Q: What will the kit include?
A: It will come with 50g of cookies (20 pieces), 5 color sachets, and 7 piping bags

Q: How long can the cookies be kept? 
A: If they are undecorated, 1 month in the chiller. Once you have decorated them, please ensure they are refrigerated and consumed within 3 days!