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KONG® Gyro
KONG® Gyro
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KONG® Gyro

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The new KONG Gyro is sure to entertain with irresistible roll and flip action that entices and intrigues dogs. The dynamic center spinning orb and static outer ring encourages dogs to push, paw and roll the Gyro, delightfully dispensing tasty treat rewards along the way. Ideal for independent play, stuff with small treats for added fun and extended playtime. A great indoor game for bad weather, dogs with decreased mobility, or busy days when you need to keep your pup entertained!


  • Screws apart for easy filling and washing 
  • Comes in 2 sizes


Q: How big are each of the sizes?
A: The Small is approximately 13cm in diameter, while the Large is about 17cm in diameter.
Q: How do I use the toy?
A: Place treats in the toy for interactive playtime, or even fill it with your dog's meal to keep it occupied and slow down the rate of eating!
Q: How do I wash the toy after use?
A: It's easy to sanitise the Gyro - simply unscrew the top section of the ball and hand-wash with mild dishwashing liquid.
Q: My dog is a chewer, is this toy suitable?
A: Although this toy is not designed for chewing, it is made of a durable material that can withstand a small amount of chewing. To help your dog get it right, guide and encourage them during their play time!
Usage of dog toys should be supervised at all times. Wash, dry, and store when not in use.