Mooncake Set
Mooncake Set
Mooncake Set
Mooncake Set

Mooncake Set

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Because it's not always just about our dogs! Treat yourself to a healthy Kombucha (or two!) while your pup munches on mooncakes. A refreshing take on the traditional Mid-Autumn festival.

Sweet basil leaves & oats roasted over low heat, then pan fried with succulent juicy prawns, our savoury Cereal Prawn mooncake is sure to be a hit with Fido!

Fresh banana toasted, caramelized & crumb-coated with our signature Cheddar & Apple - your pup will be over the moon with our Goreng Pisang ;)

Cereal Prawn
Rolled oats

Goreng Pisang
Oat flour
Olive oil 

Storage Instructions
The mooncakes can be kept in the fridge for up to three days or frozen up to two weeks.

Mooncake Flavours
Each set comes with 2 pieces of Cereal Prawn mooncakes and 2 pieces of Goreng Pisang mooncakes. If you would like to have 4 pieces of mooncakes in the same flavour instead, do leave us a note in the special instructions box at the checkout page!

Kombucha Flavours
Available in refreshing and delicious flavours, YOCHA is 100% natural, contains no preservatives, colourings or chemicals and is unpasteurised. Packed full of nutrition and probiotics in a bottle, sip your way to a healthier gut with YOCHA  Kombucha and start feeling good from the inside out today!   

Each set comes with 2 bottles of Kombucha that will be given out randomly from the following:

Strawberry and Mint

Lemongrass and Ginger

Hibiscus and Pineapple


Lemon and Mint

Earl Grey and Lavender

If there are any specific flavours that you'd like to try or avoid, drop us a note in the special instructions box and we'll see what we can do!