Rudolph's Rocket Fuel

Rudolph's Rocket Fuel

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After a long night delivering presents, Rudolph's got just the thing to warm everyone up! A toasty mug of goat's milk, infused with carob and cinnamon, and decadently topped off with turkey "marshmallows". Worth the wait! 

Goat's Milk 
Carob powder
Freeze dried turkey OR Freeze dried banana (Vegetarian option)

Q: How do I prepare the Rocket Fuel?
A: Simply add warm water, give it a good stir, and top off with "marshmallows" for a lickin good time!

Q: How many mugs of Rudolph's Rocket Fuel can I make?
A: Each packet is approximately 70g dry weight, we recommend mixing it with approximately 200ml of water. You can choose to portion it into multiple servings, or to add more more or less liquid for a more dilute or concentrated milk. It's totally up to your pup or cat's preference!

Q: How long can I keep this?
A: You can store it up to 3 months refrigerated.