VUFF CollarLess and UnLeash Set
VUFF CollarLess and UnLeash Set
VUFF CollarLess and UnLeash Set

VUFF CollarLess and UnLeash Set



ULTRA-LIGHT - The unique, 3d braided material makes CollarLess and UnLeash breathable and extremely lightweight. CollarLess weighs just 1 oz.

A DREAM TO CLEAN - Both products are stain proof and don’t absorb moisture, keeping them fresh, dry and odor-free. Rinses clean in seconds with warm water.

HIGH STRENGTH - The hardware is made from a high-strength, reinforced plastic composite material. We have done rigorous pull testing to make sure it can withstand the strongest of dogs. The webbing is made from 3D braided PET plastic filaments and can withstand 1000lbs of pull force.

CO/AX HANDLE - The patented Co/Ax handle design is soft and flexible, reacting to your dog’s every motion with a gentle glide - no abrasion on your hand.

ERGONOMIC HOOK - The snap hook design allows for a better grip and feels great in your hand. Aerospace metals make the hook lighter and stronger than most.

MICRO-ADJUSTABLE - The revolutionary WedgeLock closure system on CollarLess allows you to get the right fit for your dog.

Fits 12" to 23" necks.

NON-MATTING - The material and design work together to prevent long haired dogs from getting matted fur. It’s ultra-light weight reduces friction, and the ‘open weave’ material does not hold moisture, both of which are key factors in what causes matting. Your dogs hair will also not get stuck in the webbing.

Made in USA - U.S. and International patented and patents pending