Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie

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There's nothing much more comforting than a Shepherd's Pie; a mouthful of tender, flavorful meat with warm, fluffy potatoes, and crispy cheesy bits. They'll be back for seconds and thirds! 

Please note that the pies are packaged in an aluminium tin, and delivered frozen. Thank you! :)

Protein of choice (beef/pork/chicken)

Q: How big is the Shepherd's Pie?
A: They are approximately 180g each.

Q: How can I serve it, do I need to heat it up?
A: You can either let it thaw in the chiller overnight and serve straight from the fridge, or warm it up in the microwave/steam it. It has already been fully cooked. Warming it up is recommended, as it makes the pie smell extra good! 

Q: How long can the pie last?
A: It can be kept up to 2 months from the date it was frozen, and has to be consumed within 2 days once defrosted.