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Salmon & Broccoli Croutons

Salmon & Broccoli Croutons

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There's nothing quite like tucking into a warm casserole of Salmon, accompanied by a refreshing side of heart-healthy broccoli. Share the experience with your favorite furry one. :)


Oat flour


Q: How long can the treats be kept for?
A: They can be kept for up to 1 week refrigerated, or up to 2 months frozen.
Q: What is the texture of the treats?
A: The treats are soft, such that your pup can chew and swallow quickly during training, but firm enough for you to pick up quickly to reward your dog at the right moment. The texture is also suitable for senior dogs or dogs that might have difficulties chewing their food.
Q: Do I have to heat it up before giving it to my dog?
A: You can, although it is not necessary. The treats can be given straight from the refrigerator, or even straight from the freezer.
Q: How long will it take to defrost if I keep the treats in the freezer?
A: It will take about 30-45 minutes to defrost, but if your dog is happy to have them frozen (like mini-ice cream cubes!) then that's fine too.
Q: What are the weights of the small and regular sizes?
A: The regular size is approximately 100g in weight, the small is approximately 50g, and the large is approximately 200g.
The freeze dried versions weigh approximately 40-45g for a regular size, 80-90g for a large, or 20-22g for a small. The number of pieces are the same as the non-freeze dried version. The freeze dried version simply weighs less because all moisture and water weight is removed.