Advent Calendar 2018 Ingredients List

If you're keen to treat your pup to an Advent Calendar and would like to take a look at the ingredients list, the different ingredients for the treats are listed here!
  1. Snack Time - peanut butter, oat flour, carob, yoghurt
  2. Joy To The World - chicken hearts, cinnamon
  3. Pupkin Spice - pumpkin, oat flour, cheese, cinnamon
  4. Something Fishy - salmon, asparagus, oat flour, egg, dill
  5. Holly Jolly Christmas - pork, cinnamon, parsley, coriander
  6. Deck The Halls - sweet potato, cranberries, blueberries, wheatgrass
  7. Movie Night - tuna, oat flour, egg, rosemary
  8. Cheesy Melts - chicken, broccoli, oat flour, cheese, egg
  9. Pot Roast - beef, celery, carrot, rosemary 
  10. Silent Night - peanut butter, oat flour, cinnamon, blueberries
  11. Pizza Party - cheddar, mozzarella, oat flour, basil
  12. Liver Pâté - beef liver, pork liver, thyme
  13. Grandma's Cookies - rolled oats, peanut butter, cranberries, egg 
  14. Hearty Stew - pork, sweet, potato, carrot, parsley 
  15. Mrs Claus - beetroot, coconut oil, brown rice flour 
  16. Seafood Platter - salmon, mussels, squid 
  17. Cosy Up - turkey, cheddar, oat flour, cranberry, egg
  18. Pot Pie - chicken, carrot, peas, oregano 
  19. But First, Dessert - apples, cranberry, oat flour, cinnamon, yoghurt 
  20. Holiday Feast - turkey, cranberry, thyme
  21. Jingle Bells - sweet potato, peanut butter, oat flour 
  22. Reindeer Chow - apples, carrot, pumpkin, oat flour, goji berries, cinnamon
  23. Christmas Ham - pork, honey, applesauce 
  24. Frosty - coconut, cheese, oat flour, egg
  25. Merry Christmas! - cheddar, applesauce, olive oil, oat flour