[COSMIC CANDY] Original Skittles

[COSMIC CANDY] Original Skittles

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For humans only!

Meet our sister brand, Cosmic Candy; we've taken your comments about wanting to steal your pets' treats, and combined that with our expertise in freeze drying, to come up with a range of human freeze dried treats for YOU! 

If you like skittles, and you like crunchy things, you're gonna like these. Makes a happy, happy snack for the sweet tooth in your life!

Original skittles

Q: How much is there in a packet?
A: Each packet is 65g! There are approximately 65 pieces in each packet.

Q: How long can I keep these? 
A: You can store them in a cool dry place for 2 months, and we recommend consumption within 1 - 2 weeks of opening for the best texture! Beyond that, they are still yummy, but the texture may have softened a little.